Genesis Rhapsodos

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII



Genesis from FF7: Crisis Core, and main antagonist to the majority of the game. One of my favorite 'cosplay haunts' to run around in!


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Series Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Character Genesis Rhapsodos


Chakolit_Chip do you have any reference photos for the sword? particularly the hilt

ForlornEgoist Definitely am going to have to jump on the bandwagon of inquiry into how exactly you made that lovely sword? In particular, the hilt. It is rather intricate (the fact that it's a rapier hilt on what may as well be a broadsword doesn't help). If you happen to have a step-by-step guide as to how you made it, or some other such instruction that would be much appreciated. Forlorn Egoist

Genesis666 Really amazing ^^ i'd like to begin Genesis cosplaying and i have the costume but, i have absolutely no idea of how to do the sword... I'd also like to use it for nature roleplaying so the hit must not be painful, could you help me ? :)

Neko-Megaru Hey how would you like to join my Final Fantasy group for AWA?

Random Newbie How did you make the rapier?

AzureTomaru I saw you and sephiroth right when i arrived on saturday ! Are you returning to MTAC ninja ? *Was yondaime for mtac infinity*

Ryozu Miazaki Hey, awesome job! =)