Made for my Sweet 16. It was started 10 days before my birthday but almost all of the dress was made withing 24 hours of the party. It was finished exactlky and hour before people started showing up xD Lol, talk about procrastination.

Petticoat from ItS. Design is by me and inspired by, well, nothing.

The sleeves look slightly different than a traditional kimono pattern; Instead of trim only being at the opening near the wrist, I also inserted trim along the entire front length of the sleeve (in the seam of course.) The back of the sleeves are still open as they traditionally are, so I lined the sleeves with the same red fabric as the obi and bow.

And since we cannot upload artwork here, you can see the rough design here:
Excuse my lack of artistic ability xD

I didn't get the correct interfacing for the obi/bow, so I'll need to replace that some day. The sleeves were a bit tricky considering all the layering and stratigic placing of the seams so that everything would look decent.
I also needed 25" more of fabric when the store had ran out and there was 12 hours till I had to finish. So I cut out flowers from scrap fabric and sewed them by hand to account for that 25".
Crunch time much? xD

This entire thing was obviously a rush jub, but I'm still really proud of it because it's just so adorable! And I really feel like it is a representation of me due to all the circumstances that occured in those 10 days. It's a labor of love :]

Oh man, ;_; this dress makes me die inside every time I see it now.

It got washed wrong and all the red from the obi, sleeves, and embroidered flowers ran and turned everything hot pink. ;_; I used RIT Dye Remover and it worked a little too well. Now all it is is a heavy, faded mess of discolored fabric and ruffles. I cried when I saw it. The only thing left intact is the headdress because I didnt put that in the wash.

I've been debating bleaching the whole thing then replacing the bias, obi and lining and then hand painting or hand embroidering each of the flowers back on because they don't sell this fabric anymore. OTL Ah, it makes me sad just thinking about the work I put in and I only got to wear it twice for a few hours.


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