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This was made for and worn by my friend Sheena. It was supposed to be an easy costume, and it would have been, had we not screwed up with the fabric choice. We were originally looking at spandex when Sheena asked about jersey knit, saying she'd prefer it since it's much thicker and all she would be wearing is the bodysuit, so she'd feel more comfortable. I agreed, but I made one fatal error when picking a size. I fogot to compare the stretch of the knit to the spandex and since it didn't stretch nearly as much.....I ended up picking a size too small for the lower half of the suit. The bodysuit was so easy to make as far as splitting the colors, so it was a total killer when she tried it on and it didn't fit! We didn't have enough fabric to start over, so we worked with what we had. After a huge amount of toil, time, and accidentally sticking her with pins, I managed to make an insert on the insides of the legs and the lower back beneath the zipper to expand the size. The collar I just drew out, cut, and adjusted till it was right. The boot covers were a separate piece from the cuffs of the boots and were held together with safety pins. The wrist cuffs were bracelets in a sleeve of white fabric. The headdress was the hardest to make and I just kinda winged it and kept trying it on till it was right, using my hat as help for the base and sewing triangles for the horns. I put coathangers and stuffing in the horns to make them stand out. The only issue was I was fitting it to my head, and I have very short hair, while Sheena has very long hair. When her hair was wrapped up, it took to much more room, that it made the headdress a very tight fit. You can see the marks from the hook closures under her chin when she takes it off. It took so much time and work to get this whole thing on her, and so many pieces were involved, but it looked fantastic! She did an impecable job with the make-up and bought a great leather mask to complete the entire thing. We could barely go 2 feet without stopping for pictures!


@Lilith Oya
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