Yoruichi Shihouin (First Outfit)




This was made for AN 09'! It wasn't done though (can you say rapidly sewing in the car on the way there?), but I really love this costume and character, so I hope to fix the rest and re-wear it at CN Anime this year!

07/24/09 - This costume is doomed if i don't get it straight through my head that I can't LEAVE it in the condition it's in! I've got to re-do the orange top's neckline (I ran out of fabric, can you believe that???) and smooth out the cuffs, probably replace them. I got the fabric in the states however, and they don't have that colour over here...(none in Fabric Land, I got to check Walmart. The place in Buffalo where I found it closed down their fabric section, so I'm sooo lost!)

Update 20/12/09: I forgot to update this...XD...I re-wore this to FanExpo 09' it was so much better! I still have to tweak it, but I still love it :3!


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Series Bleach
Character Yoruichi Shihouin (First Outfit)


Lili-Strawberry I love it!


ShinyEyed Hi there, I'm new here!! I love the Yoruichi wig in your pic, may I ask where you got it from, I wanna get one too?

jounink U NEED MORE PICS GIRL!! I like the wig color u chose. Thanks for the comment btw

NekoNivi Your Yoruichi is turning out great! =D Don't worry, I think it's coming along great! =D

_aires_ Great cosplay *___*

kao-zin you look great!! *o* thanx for your coment on my baby cosplay photo *o*