Berserker Rikku

Final Fantasy X-2



The berserker dress sphere is my favourite so I knew I had to do the costume, so I spent 6 months on and off making the costume! Double sided tape and super glue kept me from having wardrobe malfunctions! I also had to sacrifice some accuracy for my own modesty.

Everything was handmade (right down to the fangs...which gave me a horrible lisp) and considering the lack of clothing it turned out to be alot of work! PHEW
I'm also proud the say 50% of the hair is my real hair and the other 50% is hair extensions (Thank god it ended up working out!).

After giving up on making the stencil on my leg because I made it to big and having my bum&chest turn pink from the dye on my paws, it was an incredibly fun and comfortable costume to wear!!

If anyone has any questions about construction, I'd be happy to do my best to explain what I did :)


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Berserker Rikku


prince_izumi omg i am loving this its too perfect <3

if-i-were-rain2 how did you dye the fur?

if-i-were-rain2 looks amazing!!^^ anyways, question? what did you make the horn and armour out of? and how? thankies!! :3

MDA So you're the Rikku my friend had a shoot with that year! You were so cute! Excellent job on the costume!

SesshoumaruSama That is just awesome

Brokenhearte yoyu did amazing with iths costume!! it looks super fun to wear! XD Maybe some day ill make yunas!

AznAnime Awesome costume! :3

LaurenBANG You all are too kind! Thank you so much, greatly appreciated.

PapouGirl This costume is pure awesome, especially since you made it all. And you just look too cute.

strifestreak Oh you finished it! It looks great, I like it a lot. n__n

LastExile You were awesome at anime north! I managed to get your picture, I gotta say you had the best costume the whole weekend. A+++++++