sasuke uchiha


I had this really cool idea that my brother and I should cosplay as Sasuke and Itachi for Sakura-con 2009. I thought it would be cool that siblings would be cosplaying as siblings.

Of course my older brother didn't wipe out our entire clan. Though I'm sure on a few occasions he's wanted to wipe me out of exsistance *roflol*

A very simple costume for me to sew. My brother airbrushed the Uchiha clan symbol on the back which you cannot see...yet. The wig took a couple of days to style because I am really, really slow. I didn't want to have to put another wig in the "boo" box so I took a bit more time on the styling of this one. I think I'm getting the hang of this wig cutting stuff.

So All that is left to do are the sandals(blah not again), the black straps, a Kunai knife holster, my awesome artwork book sword and possibly a Kunai knife. Hmm that lists seems much longer than I thought it was ^^;;
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Character Sasuke Uchiha
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