Shiba Kuukaku




Again, it was an express cosplay, one week before of the event [Avalancha Nippon] and... it was kinda good, normal, and compared with other people... zomg... anyway, i needed the boobs [but nobody wanted to pay me the surgery D:], my hair were really shitty-shit when i arrived to the events, and don't say me about my face... there are so many pics of me that i liked u.u' And i missed some details of the costume too... Though most of guys didn't care about that xDU damned pervs xDDD!


D nvo, fue a lo express, una semana antes del evento [Avalancha Nippon] y... me qdo relativamente bn, normal, y comparado con otras weonas q... zomg... anyway, me hacian falta las boobs [wea q nadie me quizo pagar la operación D:], mi cabello se puso especialmente mierdita al llegar a los eventos, xq ants staba wonito ¬¬ y ni digamos la cara d lerda q ponia D:U hay muy pocas fotos en las q salgo decente, ninguna me cuadro bn *sigh* u.u' Ad+ d q me faltaron el Tantou, una bombita y la pipa D:! Aunq a la mayoria d los xicos no le pararon a eso... malditos pervertidos xDDD!!!


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Series Bleach
Character Shiba Kuukaku


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