Arielle as Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine

Kingdom Hearts

Cosplayer: Arielle
Costume by Laura Richards

I do not own this costume. I will be uploading photos of a new Jasmine costume soon! Stay tuned!

I could always see myself as many Disney characters but Jasmine was never one of them...till now! Haha. I've always loved her but never really had the desire to cosplay her since I dressed up in a Jasmine-esque costume for Halloween back in 5th grade...with blonde hair and the whitest skin you've ever seen on an 11 year old! I know I need much more self tanner and bronzer but this mini shoot was a bit last minute and I did the best I could. >< In the future I really can see myself cosplaying her now, and if I do I'd love to make my own version of the costume. I'd like to to design and make it more correct to the Disney film and I promise I will tan tan tan! XD