Ashley Graham (Alternate Costume)

Resident Evil 4



My inspiration for this costume comes from a genuine liking for Ashley's character, and since I enjoy cosplaying her so much in her default outfit, I figured I may as well make the alternate one as well! Inspiration also stemmed from the fact that my fiance can't tear his eyes away from the tv screen every time we play RE4 with the alternate outfits, so I thought he'd like it (and he does).

Half of the costume was very simple, as I already owned the shoes, and the wig (which is sometimes half the battle!). I found the pants at a thrift store and they took me FOREVER to find. The pants in the pictures here on my costume profile are the new ones. My old pants (with the pockets) can be seen in my other galleries.The shirt and necklace were constructed from two different blouses. I bought the bracelet at a jewelry store, and ironically, I found the belt the week that I decided to start working on the outfit. I thought that it would be ridiculous to find a belt like hers, since it's kind of random... but I walked right into Wal-Mart and there it was. The cosplay Gods smiled down upon me that day! The ties up the back are my favorite part. They were the most time-consuming aspect, but so fun to do!

This costume was even featured in a blog on! Check it out! XD


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Series Resident Evil 4
Character Ashley Graham (Alternate Costume)
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RedfieldClaire The best ashley :D

BlitzFox You are such a perfect and gorgeous Ashley! ^_^

kyo s kennedy WOW OMG Awesome cosplay... n_n

Cris Raziel I love your cosplay, you look sensational ^w^

Haven Awesome cosplay! ^-^ You did a great job with it! Sugoi!