Dark Link

The Legend of Zelda



Well, had a sudden urge to do a link cosplay for halloween (although i'm still gonna make my eevee one and wear it for ALA) and I'm like, "Well... I kinda really wanna do red link... but dark is good too...". Anyways, my friend Sydney wanted me to comission her a normal(green) link cosplay so, well, we'll match! &gt;w< I made a REALLY simple version... but that's okay... I only made the tunic and the hat, already had the shirt, tights, belt and I borrowed the boots... it's for Halloween and people at school will at least recognize me! ^-^

Wow... Halloween was so much fun! and we actually got some pics taken too! Some at school, some at my house... but it was so much fun and so super comfy!

however, i think this is the one costume i won't wear again... XP


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