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For the helmet, it took one week to made. Two days for each armour of, hand, shoes, and shoulder. But it took one day for the body armor. I am so panic back then. I made the armor at 2 November 2008 in the morning, and must wear it at 2 november 2008 in the afternoon. You can guess, It is not surprised me when the shoulder fell off. But hey, I can run, fight, kick the loky with this costume. I didn't have time to sew them so I glued the body armor.


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Character Lenneth


seawaterwitch Thank you for the compliment , OneWingedSeraph-san :) :hug: my cosplay.com missing reply button ;P

OneWingedSeraph I loved Valkyrie Profile! And you make such an adorable L. =)enneth.

seawaterwitch Thank You Gloha_h-chan ^^ *hugs*

Gloha_h Wow! This was REALLY well done! I'm sorry you had pieces break on it, but considering how talented you are, you'll have this cosplay back up and impressing everyone! :)

seawaterwitch Nina chan ^^ I love you too, my dear little sister ^^

seawaterwitch Thank You Balthierflare-chan and griffstar-chan ^^ *hugs all*

griffstar Wonderful! Even if the armor was only made in a day, it looks fantastic. I hope you keep making more cosplay outfits.

BalthierFlare Wow great armor!

nina gyaboo onesan, your work not that bad you know.....i really like your lenneth n hope that someday we valkyries can make reunion :D we love you my sister, lenneth

seawaterwitch Thank You for the compliment but I cannot wear the armour body again. Once I put the body suit off, It completely broken. So I must start and make the new one again. But right now, i want to do it slowly hehehehehe very slowly....

Sorenka Kakkoi~~~ It doesnt like one day armor, surely..

seawaterwitch Thank You Lyurilei Chan and Goldy-Japan Chan. *hugs you both* ^___^

Goldy-Japan so cool!!

Lyurilei it's not horrible, I would love to make an armor look like that in only one day, give yourself some credit ^^