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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Started life as a spiffy version of Peach's "new" dress (the GC era gown with the puffs on the skirt), but I wasn't sure where to go with it.

Then I saw the SSBB updates and knew what I wanted to do with the dress! From there, I put the whole thing together in less than 3 weeks for A-Fest!

There have been continuous improvements to the dress and accessories - including tiny rhinestones all over the dress, fabric paint edging on the white ruffles, etc.

Ms. Peachy is probably my most recognized costume because there just aren't a lot of people who cosplay as her. My intent with this particular dress was to make a very fancy version of Peach, inspired by how the Disneyland parade costumes of the princesses are a whole lot more ornate and fluffy compared to the movie versions. That's why I used sheer fabrics, sparkles, and glitter for the costume, rather than making her look more realistic. I know that's not everyone's tastes, but I wanted a big floofy princess dress. ^^

While the costume can sometimes be difficult to wear (I've had a few minor malfuctions with her, particularly with the crown falling off and the jewels flying off in all directions), she is one of the most well-received costumes I do. Because of this, wearing her for extended periods of time can be difficult. I am always sweet and smiley as Princess Peach (well, aside from the Yule-Con Anime Dating Game!) and that can be exhausting sometimes. I've actually found that switching directly from the sweet and bubble Peach to cranky Franziska is a breath of fresh air - especially since that means I don't have to smile so much!! ^^


@TR Rose
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Little_Marin I must say, I'm quite a fan of you work (and not just on this costume). You're very good! :) I'll be doing this version of Peach soon myself hopefully. I found your tutorial online, and I think it will be extremely helpful when I begin construction! Thank you!

Órla I love this version of Peach. The more floofy and sparkly the better for her.

Riisoku I met you this weekend at Yulecon! Your Peach is just so adorable, I feel honored that you took our picture. :)

ToroSonyCat awsome peach cosplay!!

kuromeru_chan cute!!! i love it- it;s the first brawl peach costume i've seen so far btw, i read your cosplayer's guild online and it helped a lot ^_^ keep it up!