Final Fantasy Revenant Wings



I was supposed to be part of an FF cosplay group for AN07 and I picked RW Penelo. I blame it on the morphine. It was insanity but somehow I made it!

The most challenging to my sanity part was the details on the side of the pants. I originally made them all out of sculptey (all 70-something of them that is) only to realize they did not want to stay glued on the pants. In a fit of despair and rage I tore them all off and painted over it. I should've done that straight from the start. -___-

The pants were challenging to keep on my hips and I had to resort to doublesided tape to keep them on by the end of the con... ^^;
There was a embarassing moment where I ran back to the masq seats with my veild tied to my hips to find my friend to tell her I was loosing my pants and had to go back to our room post haste....

Now that I think of it this costume has MANY embarassin moments... better not dwell on them too long. XD It was a success in the end!


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Series Final Fantasy Revenant Wings
Character Penelo


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