Fate/Stay Night



I love archer! Seriously, if he were alive I'd whisk him to San Fran and we'd get married, then engage in a giant five-some with Saber, Rider, Gilgamesh, and Rin. Or would that be a six-some?

He is my favorite character, right below yamato and megaman. When he died...I cried long, long nights.

But this was my first time working with pleather, and I was very excited, though I hated pleather for the first week. Hahaha... -_-;;

I was originally planning on wearing some white wig thingy, but my plans derailed because of my huge head (thx genetics!).

The swords are finished and i'm planning on either making the caladbold II spear or maybe modifying an existing bow....


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Series Fate/Stay Night
Character Archer
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