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I chose serge because I needed a costume I could do without having to dye my hair. I needed something to match my natural blue. Aaaand the tiny serge/kid statue on my desk served as adequate inspiration.

This costume was made primarily in the car on the way from Atlanta to Chapel Hill (NC). The best part is by far my giant swallow, the dimensions of which were determined by the size of the cabin of the car.

So I take Shao-Lin Kung Fu, and in that course, I've been trained in staff and halberd. Combining those, I discovered that the swallow is the coolest weapon ever and was in serious danger of thwopping many a congoer. You just can't resist swinging the bloody thing around. Serge has damn good taste in weapons.

I'm working on a youtube video of me, in serge garb, playing and singing radical dreamers from chrono cross. I'll toss the link on here when I'm done.

Most common response from fans? "OH my GOD you're SERGE from chrono trigger! er... cross. er - right?" or "My, what a big weapon, you have."

Glomp score: 3/10


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