Seth Nightlord

Trinity Blood



I started this costume clear back in January of 2010. It's a highly personal project for me, for reasons I really don't want to go into.
There's over 30yds of fabric that went into the jacket and train alone. I have yet to calculate the entire cost of the project, but I have a feeling it's something I would rather not do.
The kokoshnik (hat) took about 20 hours of work to cut out and assemble, and it was the easiest part of the entire costume, save for the boots and jacket.
I'm using square-dancing petticoats that have been tacked up in front for the petticoats, and I tied one on in the back to form the bustle beneath the train.
Bozeman, MT has only two craft supply stores, so finding a lot of the supplies either took internet or a two or more hr. drive to a larger town.
The armor and crown are made out of wonderflex and craft foam. The craft foam looks nice, but it gets brittle and flaky when it is painted.
Despite the difficulties I've had making this, I'm happy with how it turned out. I did my best, and that's what makes me proud.


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Character Seth Nightlord


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