Char Aznable

Mobile Suit Gundam

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Originally I attempted making this costume myself. It wasn't too bad for how bad I am at making things, but it still was not the greatest.

After finding this on eBay and seeing that it was far better then I could ever make on my own, I scooped this up and now use it as my Char costume. The maker did a good job, and whatever didn't come with the costume was harvested from the old one, including the gloves, helmet, mask, and boots.

I've been through 2 helmets for this, having scratched the first one up pretty good in some spots scraping it down to repaint. I decided to get some use out of the first one and painted it like a Michigan helmet which I occasionally wear around conventions instead of the white helmet. It is especially fun to troll at Ohayocon with it.

Occasionally I will also throw a jersey on over the costume to go with it, be it Michigan or a Detroit pro team. My Red Wings jersey works especially well with it.


@Mr. Robot
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Character Char Aznable


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