Allen Walker




Here I am cosplaying as Injured Allen Walker. This one was pretty fun cuz I was the only injured Allen at the con. At least I think so cuz I didn't see any others. Anyway, this was mostly pieced together with clothes I had. For the tie I sewed a red and a black ribbon together. I painted my left hand with make up. A lot of people were impressed with my hand. And Timcanpy was also made by me. I painted a styrofoam ball for his body and used pipe cleaners for his tail, legs, and horns, construction paper for his tail feather, and long feathers for his wings. And I mounted him on a stick so he could fly around with me as I walked. :D


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Allen Walker
Variant Injured


ArieruInuyasha D: hoe noes, who harm my allen~! *huggles, and gives a lolly pop* ~<3