Princess Peach

Super Mario Bros.

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A couple of my friends from work asked me to comission Halloween costumes for them this year, so I thought hey, why don't I make something for myself while I'm at it? I wanted something cute that people at work would recognize, but that I could still wear to a convention, so Peach seemed like the perfect choice :3. She's classic, really. And PINK <3.

The light pink fabric is satin, and the darker pink fabric is tafeta (mix matching fabrics, blasphemy!!)... meh, I figured they looked similar enough and the colors went together nicely so what the heck! The hugetastic gem is a green floral foam base covered with paperclay; the crown is just foamies, painted and attached to the wig via bobby-pin (said crown was later chewed to bits by my beloved puppy; I'm pretty sure I heard him say "U WER GUNNA REMAEK THAT, RITE???")


@Sparkle Pipsi
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Character Princess Peach


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