Ursula the Sea Witch

King Of Fighters XII

@Crazy Flower


I throughly wanted to do this costume for who knows how long.

Basically, the entire costume is made of swimsuit fabric stuffed with fiberfill and quilter's batting. To make the tentacles, I took some PEX pipe (thinner version of PVC) and some joints and literally drilled and screwed them into shape. Then I took sixty (60) resin jewels and glued them into shape for the suckers. Taking some fishing line, the tips are sewn to the dress to give it a curve.

The plushies are also a project in itself. Taking some leftover fabric, I made wonderflex heads and put electroluminescent panels in the inner eye to make it glow. The neck is velcro which allows me to get the 9 volt battery to turn it off. These things will last all day. They're attached with fishing line; I think they swim in the air nicely.


@Crazy Flower
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Series King Of Fighters XII
Character Ursula the Sea Witch


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headmeister Hello! I am in awe of your work - amazing! Any way you can tell me about your face/arm paint? I'm fairly new to cosplay and I'm desperate to get the look you have. If so, please email me at headmeister3 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Thank you so much!

MidnaMidna OMG URSULA__!! ಥ_ಥ

boombachi Can I rent this costume? if so, please email me at [email protected] thank you! Michelle

meda i have been searching for an ursala costume and this is dead on. is this for sale or where did you purchase it.

uajohnson Nice work!! My name is actually Ursula and I have wanted to be Ursula the Sea witch for many years, but have never been able to find a costume, would you be willing to rent or sell one to me? I would love nothing more than to be Ursula for Halloween 2011.

merquryd This is the flyyest thing I've seen in a while.

amam2217 Love it!!!

trigunperson55 Your amazing ._. Should add the trident!! =D


Lucy Hyde Simply wonderful! Ursula is my dream costume, but I don't know if I'll ever make it. You're a goddes!

grinning_angel wow... really stunning!

Doboramma can you make me the eels? i will pay you--i need them for a benefit i'm doing for breast cancer at the end of the month called BROADWAY BROOMSTICKS! Let me know! Thanks, Robert Callan

TortureBunni Oh wow, this is incredible! It looks so professional.

BangBanganime stunning job


Braithcakes this is AMAZINGLY incredible, first time seeing someone cosplay ursula, and you look stunningly perfect

ShinobiXikyu Oh, WOW. I am so floored by the awesomeness O_O

CloudxxSeph this is kind of amazing. it looks absolutely perfect. I hope you found an ariel to terrorize :)

shattered_song you are just amazing! this is just..amazing! i love this sooo much!