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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



This is one of my all time favorite and most well-known costumes! I'm still working to improve it. The live action series (new at the time) brought back my love of Sailor Moon. I fell in love with this new Sailor Mercury and had to make her cute blue costume! The leotard is handmade from two layers of swimsuit lining. The skirt and collar detach with heavy snaps. The choker, collar, and skirt are all made from Jewel Blue Casa Crepe, which has a lovely drape to it. The collar's stripes are 3 rows of ribbon carefully sewn on. The skirt is actually a large circle skirt pleated at the top and the top and bottom shaped properly. The "hiproll" is stuffed with rolled up fabric, but I never achieved the perfect point. The newer bows have been made from a cotton with two layers of heavy interfacing for stiffness. The newer brooch is made from a clear plastic sphere painted with stained glass spray paint and the gold setting sculpted from Paperclay. The "chest armor" is simply thick foam sheets and closes in the back with Velcro. The bootcovers are built from blue and white PVC vinyl around a pump shoe. The tiara is foam, plastic and an acrylic gem. I have been through 5 wigs with this costume! Each one began as a white or platinum blonde wig and was dyed. I made my own transformation bracelet, but have since bought an official one as well.


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Mercury


aquawarrior wow your a good looken sailor mercury and dark mercury I've only seen the live action

Fabulousity You are a LIFESAVER! Thank you so much!!!!!

Fabulousity I'm sorry to bother you AGAIN and I promise I'll stop bugging you after this, but I've been up all night for two nights locating the perfect material for my PGSM Sailor Mercury cosplay, and I've found everything except a material for the chest armor. Would you please tell me what you used, and where I can get some? Thank you.