Rebecca Streisand

Wild Arms V

This all began at MinamiCon in 2007, when Nietsche inflicted his Wild Arms artbook on us all, and ended with quite the group at MinamiCon 2008. It was suggested I should be Rebecca, and after my initial reaction of "eeeeew, pink!" I somehow decided I liked it!

The lilac fabric I already had, although it's not as thick for the effect I'd like (I think denim might have been good) but I went ahead anyway. The shorts have functioning pockets and are constructed as closely to the references as I could manage, although a bit longer out of preference. I love the lace I found! The top began as a cheap Primark t-shirt, and I made the zig-zaggy cuffs and collar using the same lilac fabric, but interfaced. The cuffs weren't as annoying to make as I'd expected. I originally intended to quilt the triangles on the cuffs together, but gave up on that and appliquéd them instead. I put in studs which I'd painted gold for at the neckline and on the collar. The ones down the front are functioning snaps - since I used non-stretch fabric for the collar, it would no longer fit over my head, so I needed the front closure.

Next was the large quantities of PINK. I decided on vinyl because it would make the cut out designs on the boots easier, and suit boot construction in general. It's also great for the belt and pouches, suitable for gloves, and ok for the waistcoat too, so seemed the best overall compromise for everything. I got a matte-ish vinyl which hopefully minimises the downsides in the fabric's appearance. It may have been convenient for some aspects of construction due to its stiffness and non-fraying-ness, but still awkward to sew in general! I invested in a teflon sewing machine foot for this, which was definitely worthwhile for all the topstitching I did.

The waistcoat turned out a little loose fitting, but I'm pretty happy with it. Working with vinyl forced me to be a lot more neat and precise than usual, and I love the effect of my topstitching. The pocket/pouch things on the front (what the hell are they?) are padded out with craft foam, white designs are leatherette appliquéd on, and the strap at the back has a gold buckle stolen from a kilt strap, gold grommets and studs.(you can tell I made this at the same time as my Karin costume since I used the same studs on both!)

The belt was nice and simple, pink vinyl with green bias tape and gold studs. The buckle is craft foam covered in the same fabrics used elsewhere on the costume, and hides the actual snap fastening for the belt. The pouches are functional and snap closed. I used the green bias tape for the piping, and lined them in black suedette. The tops again have white leatherette appliquéd on.. The hearts came from a cheap bracelet and were painted with nail polish. I'm really happy with the construction of the pouches, and they're very useful to have as well!

The boots luckily are black at the bottom, so I started with a cheap pair of black cowboy boots from ebay. I then painted the visible parts of the soles green, made the leg section in pink vinyl, and glued it on. Since it's meant to slouch a bit, then it was an easy cover to make. Before sewing up the covers, I appliquéd the green and white designs, which took forever cutting out all the green petal shapes. I preferred doing it that way since painting on costumes always makes me nervous.

The gloves were a pain. I hate making gloves, and this was my first attempt with a non-stretch fabric. They came out ok in the end though, buckles and straps are the same as the one on the waistcoat and again the white designs applied the same way. I do wonder why I bothered to make them from scratch since they just remind me of pink washing-up gloves...

The wig is from professional-only on ebay, which allowed me to buy a very long wig cheaply. The wig was fairly thin, so when I cut the short pieces at the front, I saved the spare hair and added it to the backpart. The rest of the parting is zig-zagged to hide the mesh. At least with low braids I didn't have much to worry about, but adding in the spare fibre was still worthwhile. The spiky pieces at the front were irritating, I couldn't get them to look right at all when I tried spiking them, so instead I just made them as flicky-out curls, styled with a hairdryer and a bit of hairspray.

I got a plastic gun in a £1 shop at the last minute, and painted the orange bits.
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