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I've always liked Chrono Crusade and been a fan of its female protagonist, Rosette Christopher. I originally made Rosette in 2010 for our skit at Anime Boston, which was a mix of dance and stage combat. You can see our skit here: In 2015 I completely remade this costume and absolutely love how it came out the second time. It's so much fun to be Rosette once again!

Construction Notes:
The top portion of Rosette's dress is a mix of Simplicity 4015 for the bodice and Simplicity 1558 for the sleeves, while the skirt portion was patterned by hand. The dual seams which come down the front of her bodice in the artwork were replicated using darts rather than being actual seams. The entire dress is fully lined, which allowed me to get a nicely pressed edge all along the panel slits of the skirt. The corset is based on a pirate under-bust pattern and is steel boned. It laces up in the back, and a extra fabric panel closes over the lacing to hide it. The habit has also self-patterned, and sewn onto a headband. The trim on the sleeves, habit, and clips on the corset are craft foam covered in fabric, while the collar is stuffed with batting and trimmed with brown bias tape. The gold cross is a metal one from the jewelry section of JoAnns. The gold accents are layered worbla, craft foam, and gold posterboard hooked through with metal studs. On my original Rosette I only made the two front green pouches and they were not functional. However, for Rosette 2.0 I made fully functional pouches in the front, and also made a functional side holster and back ammo pouch. They were difficult to make but are fantastic for holding things! These all snap onto the corset with leather-grade snaps and the green holster straps come up under the white collar and snap onto the dress. Rosette's gloves are store bought leather ones, to which I attached the trim and metal accents. I made the watch with soft Sculpty, and inserted an actual timepiece from a wristwatch before painting it. Steel wires form the gold cage, and painted pushpins were used for the time setting knobs. A leather cord loops through a hole drilled through the top of the watch. My husband made Rosette's Colt gun/holy water shooter out if a plastic replica Colt, wood, worbla, PVC pipe and a plastic cap. The Mauser gun is a replica one we found online.


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