Jakotsu kinda freaked me out when I found out he was a guy, but now I just love him! I'm not a yaoi fan, but Jakotsu-chan is just so adorable and funny. ^^

I thought this was going to be a fairly simple costume to make, but it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. I tried pulling up the side of one of my other kimonos as a test, and I had a lot of trouble getting it to look right without being way too short. So I made this kimono in three parts: a shirt, a side skirt, and a second shorter side skirt. I added some extra fabric wrapped around the edge of the shorter side skirt, then sewed the two skirt pieces and shirt together. I also sewed the waist tie onto the kimono to be sure that it hid the seam at all times. The pattern was hand painted using a stencil I made. I made the arm guard from black vinyl that I painted purple, and used velcrow to take it on and off. The wig was an old wig that I had first used for Irae and Kikyo, then cut short for Amane. Now it's been cut and styled yet again for Jakotsu. I had a lot of trouble styling the wig. It was kinda hard to tell exactly how Jakotsu's hair was pulled up, but it looked like a bun with a loop on top. I tried to make the hairpin completely myself, but I ended up having to paint one I had bought. I was really wanting the have the chest armor with the costume, but I'm having a ton of trouble making it.


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Blood_Sword Great Jakotsu cosplay! ^W^