Bartz Klauser

Dissidia: Final Fantasy



Here is my Bartz cosplay! After seeing all the characters from Dissidia and watching my boyfriend play, I took a liking to Bartz the most. I just love his personality, even though he's super corny... it's cute. ^_^

The hardest part about this costume was the armor. It was made from Wonderflex, Friendly Plastic, Craft Foam, and Model Magic. I like the result a lot, tons of thanks to my bf Score for helping me out with it!

This costume isn't quite finished... I still have to make the sheath, the gold wire across the top, and the red tie on the left leg of the tights. But after that, it's all finished!


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Series Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Character Bartz Klauser


Liliana Yay for Bartz! ^^ You cosplay him so adorablely! I just love seeing this cosplay, it makes me very happy to see some old school FF! Great work on the costume!

Deophest Ah you guys all look so amazing!! I loved your skit too!

CapriciousThief I'm so glad somebody cosplayed Bartz! Even though Zidane is generally my favorite FF protagonist, I have to admit I enjoyed Bartz the most in Dissidia. =] Anyways, you did a great job!


DieForHonor you are all so epic ^^ honestly it was like watchin a scene in the game itself, i loved ultimecia as well ^^. and you did such a good job on this, the armor and everything is brill! amazing work everyone ^^