LadySesshomaru as Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Fuku

Cosplayer: LadySesshomaru
My virgin cosplay. Sailor Moon, my fave character. It was a simple thing (no sewing exerience prior to this), I was suprised it wasn't a total failure...but I digress. I took a body slimmer and ran with it, coming up with this costume in a matter of weeks! The only thing I hated was the boots, they were awesome, but SOOOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE, never again will I wear heels that are more than 6 inches. The bow was my pride and joy, making it with scraps and wire hangers! The brooch too, I made it with a quincanera mirror, paint, and oodles of patience. The tiara was a foam sun cap, frankenstined and sewn to the wig, or rather wigs, my luck was that it was close to halloween, so wigs were in abundance. I got a pigtail wig, cut the funky curls off, and put extensions on the nubs where the curls used to be. It was so much fun!