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Bar One Brawler

Bar One Brawlers is an original wacky concept of our cosplay group (Bar One Cosplay). Nietsche designed us all costumes as if we were characters in an imaginary fighting game. Dez came up with this cutesy witch design for me (including obligatory yellow). I made it in time for Minami 2010, and I'll also be set for every future Halloween, methinks. I enjoyed having freedom in making an original design, but still only deviated from the concept drawing in a few aspects, mostly for practicality. Teagan Chalke is an anagram of my real name.

I used navy/black shot taffeta for the dress, which has a different appearance on either side. The exterior of the dress is navy, and it’s lined with the black side of the fabric showing. A wire frame sits inside, and flares out the petals. I did the decorative stitching on the seams with embroidery thread. Because the wire inside can’t be removed, the dress is a pain to iron, and I’m not sure there’s much I can do about it…

The dress closes at the front with lacing. Nearest the hem I used elastic, so I can still pull the dress on and off. The lacing further up is leather cord to function as a proper closure.

The sheer fabric on the shoulders is a wonderful two-tone chiffon finished with a rolled hem. I used craft foam to support the black collar, which is like a bat wing inspired sailor collar! The stand-up navy villain collar is supported with wonderflex, and both collars are hand sewn to the dress. Everything is fully lined, except the side cutouts at the waist, which had to be finished with leatherette trim around their edges.

I got yellow hair bobbles and kirby grips from Primark, and styled a wig I already had. It already had extensions added for braids, so I just adapted it a bit. Skull earrings are from eBay.

I also bought finger puppets on eBay for the various creatures, since it was an easy cheap way to find a bunch of them the right size. One bat safety pins to the front of my dress. The ones on my shoes attach with loops of elastic, and have wire threaded into their wings to try to keep them in place. Everything on the wig is safety pinned on - the hat, frog, and another bat. I made the spider with the traditional method of a pom pom, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. It's suspended on thin jewellery wire from the hat.

This hat is a craft foam cone and brim shape, which I figured out then used as my pattern for the taffeta to cover it. I moved the seam on the cone to go diagonally, and added the decorative stitches. The yellow is felt, like on the stockings.

The shorts and stockings are made from Primark leggings. There's elastic in the stocking tops to try and keep them up. The details are felt and embroidery floss. The arm and legwarmers are adapted from Primark jumpers, one navy and one yellow. I used their sleeves to make the armwarmers, overlocking the stripes together, and making use of the ribknit from the cuffs to go on the ends. The legwarmers were assembled from the rest of the jumpers. There's elastic in the tops to keep them in place. The silver loops for my arms are painted craft foam, strung together with clear thread, so they sort of float

For the pumpkin cauldron, I used a large, hollow polystyrene sphere which conveniently separates into two halves. I preserved that ability to make the cauldron easier to transport. I marked where the top of the cauldron would be, chopped it off, and also cut out the face shapes with a knife. The feet are polystyrene eggs. As well as being glued on, they have wire embedded in them which slots into the main cauldron to help secure them.

The handle is model magic, with wire inside it for strength. I had trouble getting the model magic smooth enough, so I made a stretchy fabric cover for it to smooth it out. The wire is shoved through the polystyrene sphere, and can pivot a little. I used the ends of a couple of the egg shapes to form the rounded pieces where the handle meets the cauldron. I tried sculpting the rim of the cauldron from model magic too, but failed even more at that. So it’s again a tube of stretchy fabric, but this time it’d padded out with batting. With my lack of skill at props, I tend to do weird stuff like that so I can stick with techniques I’m comfortable with.

I primed everything with gesso, then the exterior was then all spray painted black. There are a couple of tap lights inside the cauldron. The holes for the face and the top are covered in green fabric to make the light shine through as green, and also conveniently hide the lights themselves inside. Anything I tried with leaving the cutouts uncovered just wasn’t quite as good. The fabric over the top can be opened up and pinned closed to let me reach in and switch the lights on and off. The weight of the lights in the base prevents the two halves of the cauldron from staying securely together, so I have a piece of string which attaches to each end of the wire handle, then loops through the base of the cauldron to support it.
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