Eowyn of Rohan

The Lord of the Rings



This gown is made in cooperation with a dear friend of mine. He has a passion for fashion design and has turned this talent into a career as tailor and fashion designer.

The gown consists of two separate dresses.

The underdress is made of olive green cloque in which golden thread is woven in. It has princess seams and a waist seam. The yoke is slightly stiffened and quilted with golden thread in a diamond pattern. The collar of the yoke is folded back to show a wide embroidered trim. The bullion embroidered trim on dark olive green net is the exact trim used in the original gown. The sleeves of the underdress are laced with the help of five pairs of straps made of a fine trim in olive and gold. One row of straps is sewn directly into the seam of the sleeve. There’s a dart added at the edge of the sleeve and a second row of straps is set into this dart. A zigzag braiding in gold and olive green is used as cord to lace the sleeves. It’s the same type of braiding like used on the white wool dress, but it’s in gold and olive green instead of gold and cream. The dress is fully lined with dark brown viscose lining. It closes in the back with an invisible zipper.

The overdress is made of olive green cotton velvet which has perfectly the same color than the original dress (I compared the two velvets with the help of the memorabilia costume card of this dress). The front of the dress hasn’t a waist seam, there’re just bust darts to improve the fit. The skirt part and the bell shaped sleeves are lined with olive green cloque. The skirt side panels are spot-tacked to the inside of front panel with a bit of overlap. The dress has a wide neckline which is decorated with two rows of a narrow bullion trim which are stitched on the dress with a bit of overlap. This trim is nearly identical to the trim used on the original dress. The dress has a short train and closes in the back with an invisible zipper.

The medallion belt was really challenging to make. There’re two different types of medallions. The center medallion is a little bit bigger and has a slightly different design than the other ones. Each medallion consists of several components: a laser cutted steel sheet as base, aluminium wire and pearls in two different sizes. The finished medallions were painted with golden acrylic paint and sewn directly on the gown.

The flower earrings and necklace are official merchandise.


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Series The Lord of the Rings
Character Eowyn of Rohan
Variant Edoras stables gown


Stjarna Your dress is very beautiful!

The Lady Nerd Wow! This dress is perfect, down to even the detail on the collar. (And you do make a very lovely Eowyn). My compliments to your friend that made this. He did a superb job.

Narnian Beautifully stunning!

teenzo Very nice attention to detail and I like that the dress is form fitting too. You make a lovely Eowyn!

seawaterwitch So beautiful *__*

Lostkingdom best. eowyn. ever.

Errowyn Your dress is beautiful! You look lovely in it. :)

LadyofRohan Wow, absolutely gorgeous dress! This is by far the most perfectly accurate replica of this dress I've ever seen. You look so beautiful!

Apple-Dee Beautiful! And amazingly accurate!

Tinuviel GASP! You got the original lace for the collar. How wonderful!