Mr. Freeze




Well, it was a last minute idea, and it was supposed to be a surprise for Batnemo. It did'nt took me very long to built, the main goal being the helmet.

Most of it is hockey gear (how convenient) and football protections for the legs, even on the arms on the first version.

On the second version, I forgot one glove, so I had to borrow his from Batnemo, and the effect well ! He found a big diamond in a flea market, and it was excellent.

On the back, I hotglued two bottles of Coke, a barometer, some pipe with gym carpet.

For the head, my dad helped me to cut and drill a sheet of plexiglas, then it was hotglued with foam and velcro to fix on the shoulders pad.

The belt is plain vynile with a painted CD for the buckle.

The gun is a super soaker painted, and I add a click-on lamp on the chest.

Red googles from a goth shop, white make - up (with a special one that copies frost on the lips & eyebrows above the googles)

The most annoying and long bit is the make-up- about 20 minutes with the help of someone to check if I covered properly the back of my head.

To finish, a good spray of fake snow all over and hey presto, Hell freezes over !

Well, the only bad thing is the tights... I had my ass pinched several times.

I have to thank my 3 henchmen, one of them had the idea to do them. It's simple but very, very efficient...


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Character Mr. Freeze


tenshihitomi Holy shit... best Mr. Freeze I have seen so far. EPIC.

Ms.chif YOUR ARE MY HERO !!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE COSPLAY!!!

fabribolo really nice cosplay! since you are like me fan of batman I invite you to see my cosplay movie (trailer) I hope you like it and congratulations again for your cosplay, great job ^ ^

YueYing you are Genial. so gorgeous.

roboprop YESSSSSS!