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It's no secret that I love Ayumi Hamasaki, especially her costumes from her music videos and concert performances. Some people love Naturo and make Naruto costumes, other people love Bleach and make Bleach costumes, etc. I love Ayu, so I make Ayumi costumes. ^_^

Anyway, I'd never been a big fan of this music video until a couple of years ago when a friend of mine started playing it all the time ... and it just sort of grew on me. Around that time I told myself that if I ever found the right material for it I would make this costume. After a little over a year of searching periodically on ebay for the right looking material I finally found something that I thought could work.

The dress itself is a Vogue pattern for a 1950's style dress. I altered the neckline and lengthened the skirt a bit.

Credit goes to my mother for finishing the costume for me, as I was too overwhelmed with work and trying to finish Luna in time for Ohayocon '08, but I desperately wanted to wear my poofy polka dot dress at the con. I had the costume about 70% complete before my mom volunteered to take it over, but without her I never would have managed to get it done in time. As it turned out, I never finished Luna in time (I caught the flu and was dead for most of con), but at least I had my poofy dress instead. ^_^


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Dr. Holocaust It's a little known fact that poofy dresses are the leading cure for the flu. Shhhhhhhh.

UhOhxitsNami Really cute! You should make little fox ear things to go with it to for fun haha <3 I like it! ^^

robonyanya Oooh! An Angel's Song cosplay! You did a great job of putting that dress together. The earrings are super-cute too!