Luppi Trebadora version


TENTACLES!! Though the thanks truly go to doragon for making me my Trebadora for Christmas <3
And I need to remake my mask... it didn't turn out right and cracked a couple times.

There are no photos in this costume yet.

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Series Bleach
Character Luppi Trebadora version

otaku_drea <3 super epic! i hope to someday do this *stares into the future dreamily*

Talt Can you post a full-body picture? I'm going to do Luppi in Trebadora next year and I'd like to see how you made the tentacles, just to have some ideas...

Tatsu-chan yaaay I need to show this to my friend qwho says I can't do it...hah! I'll show him its possible...with you as an example

gundammrw bring this costume to AX!!!! Im gonna be Pantera Grimmjow! We can represent the 6th espada releases! lol