Matsumoto Rangiku




The kimono itself was made via several patterns found on the internet (yukata, kimono, haori, hakama, ...). I helped my mother assembling it and finding how to work with the patterns we had, although she's the one who sew (can't sew without blood loss here!)

The katana shealth is a real one, although the handle and all is from a toy ninja sword (repainted, cut, etc) and some cardboard for the handle design (plus golden acrylic painting). Sorry, but no metal weapon (even if not sharp) allowed at University!

The necklace was made out of an old necklace and keychain ring (lot of oh so fun times trying to take off some necklace tiny rings, add others, without breaking the necklace itself!).

As for the lieutenant badge, it was made out of old orange (fruit) wooden box (very light) and black acrylic painting for the design.

Oh, and ya, some pictures of Matsumoto as well were used!

What I need to do now is perhaps make a wooden katana while making by Byakuya one, though I quite like the reaction of people when seeing my broken katana XD


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Character Matsumoto Rangiku


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