Kingdom Hearts II



I actually really enjoyed making this costume! For a change nothing major went wrong, (if you excuse me cutting STRAIGHT through the middle of one of the triangles on the top, which luckily I managed to cover up, god knows how. O.o)

I made the sideskirt first, cause I had a sudden urge to make a sideskirt. I was eager to make it as disneyfied as possible, mainly because I love disney. XD And then I eventually got around to making the rest of it a couple of months later. XD

The most annoying thing about wearing this is the hairtail! If I wear it too long it gives me a head rush and If I wear it in the car I get REALLY travel sick for some reason. O.o Otherwise this costume is really fun to wear! ^_^ I took special effort in lacing the boots just like Yuna's (though it took me a few attempts!), so they've got to be my fave part about this costume. However THE most annoying thing (and I mean it for sure this time) is everyone thinking i'm X-2 Yuna. Come on people! There are subtle differences! Look at the sideskirt! XD


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Yuna
Variant Pixie


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