Tendo Akane

Ranma 1/2



Branching out from Akane’s school uniform, and wanting to try something a little more complicated than the Christmas outfit, I decided to try her sundress from the “Koi da! PANIKKU!” opening of the OVAs. It was lightweight, pretty, and would be a nice costume to have for summer events.

I based my pattern on a commercial one, moved the opening from back to front, then raised the neckline, widened the straps, and added a ruffle. The sash is from some silk I had sitting around originally intended for a top like the one Ranma's wearing, which turned out to be the perfect shade for her. Just enough, too. Lucky!

I finished a new wig along with this costume, my third for Akane.


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Series Ranma 1/2
Character Tendo Akane


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