The Legend of Dragoon

5 1/2 months work.

It's been quite difficult to make the armour actually. As good as the costume looks, whoever designed it is a bit of a moron really. Certain pieces look like armour in some screenshots/conceptual art, and on others they don't. I thought the breastplate and the mini skirt thing looked to be armour, so I've made them that way.

I think it went well considering I made the armour a tad too big. However, please note I didn't have access to any kind of mannequin for this.....and the right legging kept falling down as I expected it to.

This was my first attempt at armour, and after wearing it for two days, I had big knots in my shoulders. Who knew corrugated cardboard, craft foam and papiermache could end up so heavy!?

For more photos please visit my Flickr photostream. I really can't be bothered to resize all the photos I get sent from my cosplays just for the sake of adding them to one site.
You can find them at -
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Series The Legend of Dragoon
Character Rose

Eternity Rose Wow, this costume is just amazing! The detail you put into it... wow. You're the best Rose cosplayer EVER.

Earthychan Great costume! It looks awsome!