Hollow Ichigo




This custome have suffered some mutations:
-First form:
I decided to do this cosplay because some friends wanted go to "salon del manga de barcelona" in group.
I began it making the mask with plaster and later use "aguaplas" to be able to sand and polish it. to do the teeth i used faked nails (good trick dont you think?) Later i used acrilic paint to get a good shine on it.
To stick it to my face i used skin glue. ( i couldnt see with the eye of the mask ;S). in this form i had only upper mask
The second complement was the sword i preffer dont specific how i did it but only 3 words strong cardboard ,a file and patience ^^.
To do the shoes i used a pair of flipflops and cover them with glue and string linen, this is the best way to get a confortable shoes :D
The costume was the most dificult because i dont know sewing very well but with the help of a friend and her sewing machine we could do it. Thx a lot marisa you taught me how to sew.
And finally small details like hair and bandage were easy to get.
-Second form
I only added down mask and the small pieces of it in my face. I changed the colour of the mask eye becuase when i did the cosplay only fanarts was avaliable and i didnt know the exact color.
-Final form
I added some bigger pieces of mask.
With foam i did the chest and the spikes of the arm.
I didnt want to destroy the custtome thats why i used a white tight to cover my arm and finally i added clay nails stiked to my fingers.

I hope you enjoy with my second cosplay maybe ill put the first some day, i am doing my third ill show you soon. See you ;)


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Series Bleach
Character Hollow Ichigo


Peppie-kun Wow... that's an epic win

Aizen24 i can suggest a way to make it posible to see through the mask find where your eye is and drill a small hole its big enough to see out of yet small enough to not be as noticeable

Xig2 You did an amazing job with that costume, your is one of the few really good homemade ones ive seen sofar! Good Job!