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this was a challenge in terms of the construction, simple sailor collar, skirt, and boots are all made from the same pink cotton blend. the bows were made from a bright red cotton using craft foam (also known as foamies or fun foam) as interfacing. it truly is my best cosplay secret; where interfacing goes flat and wire bends, craft foam is bendable by light heat and never loses shape (unless you sit on it). the hair accesories are cut up poke ball halves and white plastic tubing covered by laquer and then clear rubber banded onto to the "hair spikes/ bunny ears/ whatever". the hair "feathers" are made of paper clay and then painted and laquerd over and stitched into the wig for a "no fuss" approach to wearing it. the wig was winged mostly using some foam shape understructure for the "spikes/ whatever the hell they are". if you want to know more go here:
the boots were wings as well, it was really improtant to me to spend as little as possible and theat they match the costume, basically what i did was totally cover some shoes with pink fabric and paint, then made and stitched on the boot section. the broach was a pok'e ball halve cut up a little but with some cutters, then painted and glossed over probably 20 times for glass like effect. the body siut is simply lycra sewn from an ice skating pattern with lycra shoulder bubbles. the choker is pink fun foam with velcro in the back and the gloves are store bought with attached tops made from (you guessed it) fun foam in the matching pink color (lucky find!).


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