Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler




He's finally done!!!

Debut of completed outfit was at Katsucon 2010 and it seemed to be a big hit. It was so much fun! XD

Kurt has always been my fav characters and I've been wanting to cosplay him for a long time.

The tan shirt, pants and shoes were purchased from Savers.

I made the boxers, tail and added the blue to the shirt cuffs.

Wig is a Scruffy L in midnight blue slightly shortened and styled.

The tail is made of wire, a pipe insulation tube, duct tape and craft foam then covered in spandex.
It actually goes through the boxers and pants instead of just being sewn onto the pants.

Gloves are made of spandex with quilt batting in the fingers. "Fingernails" are made from globs of hot glue that were cut into shape then glued on.

Spray painted ear tips and used a wet makeup for face and chest.


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Series X-Men
Character Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
Variant casual wear


Earthychan Oh wow... That is going to be so awsome! I cant wait!

FMABloodSeal Great show, and awesome cosplay. Best Kurt Ever!

ThreadofFate I love this show, and your cosplay is awesome!