CandleJack (Female)




I drew out the design (in the icon) and will start making it ASAP. I have the fabric for the hood and found the black dress at H&M for cheap. sweet!

Hopefully people wont be angry about the genderswap.....


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Created 10 years ago
Series Freakazoid!
Character CandleJack (Female)
Variant Original


Herr Zombie CandleJacqueline? xD Anyway, this rocks! WIN.

Trotakosmos Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashweez This is hilarious! Well done!

Miranda-chan Just because of you, I went back and actually watched the episode of Freakazoid starring CandleJack and this looks really awes

Lando Oh I approve this decision. ^^ However....I think you're gonna need more rope. ;D <3