Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Moon


This costume was made with satin and lycra fabric, I think the exact measures if you want to make a simple sailor outfit are :

-2m pink satin (skirt, collar)
-1/2m red satin
-1/2m pink lycra (for pink boots)
-70cm white lycra (white body or t shirt, you can choose your preference, I chose to make a full lycra body because I thought the fabric looked more strech and better that way. Don't forget to put some buttons to close and open the body easily ;-)
- Ribbons

For the wig, I used the tutorial of a cute Chibi Moon cosplayer (thanks to her).
Except my wig wasn't of good quality. So it was lacking a lot of hair on the back and I had to save it by adding a lot of hair extensions.


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Character Sailor Chibi Moon


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