Seras Victoria

Hellsing Ultimate

@Ragtime Mouth


I want to Cosplay Seras, but I was not sure how well I looked as her.. soooo I put on all the things I could find to mimic her attire and look. I even used two wigs on my hair to give it the longer flips.


@Ragtime Mouth
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Series Hellsing Ultimate
Character Seras Victoria


Alucard_N Omg... Police Girl, WTF are you doind ? :l Integra is waiting for us right now... Wonderfull cosplay *.* love it

Starxade I can't wait to see more fun photo's of you as this character..Alucard himself would love to eat you up!!!! Your such an adorable police girl :D -"t"

Kasinator Smile!!! :D

iiChin-chan I hope you do make one of her outfits from the anime or manga, you have a lovely face for Seras. And yay Pip <3.