Celty Sturlson




Time: 2 Days

I created the ears with cardboard from soda boxes and packing tape. The markings were painted using "Sharpie" brand paint markers (totally awesome painting tool!).

Time: 1 Month (3 tries!)

The handle is a solid piece of wood (very light weight). The blade was the hard part... I cut the shape out of a piece of Insulation foam and covered it all in Paperclay. Since it was so large it needed supports or it would bend in half - cracking the clay mold, so I lined it all with popsicle sticks (lol) and covered it all in black cloth for a nice smokey touch!

I opted for a PVC bodysuit instead of a rubbery or cloth one. I know Celty's outfit isn't as shiny as mine, but the dull fabrics didn't look as appealing. I also went a little overboard on the combat boots... but what can I say? They were too cool, so I bought them! :D

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Series Durarara!!
Character Celty Sturlson


xSYN *A* i love your scythe!

Jii I seen you at Otakon in the masquerade stadium. Call me a dork but you were so epic I teared up and you inspired me to cosplay Celty again