Now that Rapunzel's design (from Tangled) has been a bit more finalized I've gotten started on her costume. The only photos now were done as a hair and make up test. It'll be done and worn for Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland ^.^

::It's done! Now time to wear it... pics coming soon!::


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Series Rapunzel
Character Rapunzel


EchosOfTheDead This is perfect! You look just like her and your wig is....just simply amazing ^^

Narnian Very adorable cosplay. You look so much like the animated character.

Elika_88 I love this costume.^^

ErinMurphy Where did you get the wig? :)

7nicoletta How did you do the embroidery on the skirt? It looks beautiful!

Rinoa07 Very cute! You make a beautiful Rapunzel!

theobsessor I'm gonna cosplay as Rapunzel too!!!!! You look so adorable! You have to take more pics! btw, where (or did you make?) your costume? I've been scouring the internet looking for an adult or teen Rapunzel costume.

lolia This is amazing. You look like the animated Rapunzel bought to life, the wig is just perfect. I'd love to see photos of the entire costume!

Lycorance You look just like her! Can't wait to see it finished. I'm going to cosplay Rapunzel too! :D Btw... where did you get your wig? It's perfect!

MaimJay You look adorable !! You’re totally going to make a great Rapunzel!

RydiaValentine Your face looks a lot like hers :D Hope to see the finished costume.