Mike Dirnt

Green Day Rock Band



Started on this costume back in May. Bought Cotton broadcloth for it. Found a pattern at Walmart. Used the bell bottom pattern.The collar wasn't stiff. So I use foam on the inside of the collar so it would stay up. Take about a month to make it the outfit. Used red bias tape for the red seam. Dylan bought shoes at walmart. Spray painted them to be pure black. The green wrist band was very easy. Painted on the white star. Used velco to keep it on. Bought fake tattoo paper. DIDN'T WORK. :( So We had to draw on every tattoo for Mike and Billie Joe. Took 4 hours.
Mike Bass- The Bass used for this costume is actually an old Madore Jazz Bass cleverly converted to appear as a 69' Fender Precision Bass. The Pick guard is made from an old dog cone spray painted wth white spray paint on the reverse side. In addition the star and the three "x"s are drawn on by a black Sharpie marker as well as the Fender logo at the end of the neck. Lastly the red plus is made exactly like Mike's actual sticker... red electrical tape crossed over itself to form a plus sign.


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Series Green Day Rock Band
Character Mike Dirnt
Variant Green Day Rock Band


KitoCosplay Clever idea for a cosplay

EllisW I don't listen to Green Day that much, but for some reason I've always liked Mike, and I must say that your cosplay of him is great!