Sheikahchica as Eleanor Lamb

Eleanor Lamb

BioShock 2

White Nightgown/Smothering dress

Cosplayer: Sheikahchica
This was a fun, comfortable costume to wear! The dress was made for me by ShepherdsBrookStudio, who did a beautiful job making the three tiered nightgown with white polyester material.

Even though Eleanor is barefoot with this costume, I knew I'd need some sort of footwear. Since it is a nightgown, I found some white ballet flat slippers to wear while out and about.

I found a black rope necklace and made her pendant out of a foam piece I colored with a black plastic hoop connecting the two.

The wig I found on ebay, with a side part on my right side. It is the "darkest brown" color, though I think it ended up looking more black then brown... oh well...

My main props with this were a Subject Delta doll (by Necca props), and a white pillow (which we later took smothering pics with).