Madame Masque

Marvel Comics

@Lady Skywalker


I've wanted to do Madame Masque for a couple of years, but when I saw Pepper disguise herself as the villian, I thought it would be perfect. Of course, I decided later not to be Pepper so I could do th cool scarring on my neck.

There's still some things I want to fix up. I want to make a new mask based off of a mold of my face so it fits better and I want to make new gloves.

Body suits and gloves by Piwakit. Mask sculpted by my roommate, Sami (painted by me).


@Lady Skywalker
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Character Madame Masque


paper cosplay marvel character I have not seen cosplayed

Volnixshin You're costume is fantastic.

MasterLe247 i forgot to tell you how well done this was when i red that issue with her in it. it was cool seeing you st SDCC 2010