Tim was my first official cosplay! Yay! I chose to do a gijinka since I thought it would allow for creativity and might be simpler for a first costume. While I got to design the costume from scratch, it took a lot more work than I thought.
My friend constructed the dress itself and put the hat pieces together. I wouldn't have had a costume without her! I stitched on the cross and hand stitched the tail. The wings (which I will eventually redo) are made of cardboard and wire covered in fabric and looked a lot better than I thought they would.
Overall I'm very happy with this costume. I marked it as 90% done since the wings need repairs after AI and I still want to make white gloves and get fangs.

*Update: I bought fangs and gloves, so I'll upload new pictures once I wear it again at Youmacon!*


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Timcanpy
Variant Gijinka


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