Sae Kashiwagi

Peach Girl



This was actually my very first costume that was completed. The shipment for the vest was the last thing we received, and sadly it was the cause of us missing out in exhibit hall :/
It's a simple cosplay but alot of people recognized us, more girls actually ^__^. And since i was Sae, the most hated but at the same time more understandable character, everyone told me i was evil &gt;< ( but they didn't mean it cuz they still gave me a hug! ) But i love sae, shes a fun character to cosplay!

-The skirt material was bought at Joann fabric store; my best friend in real life and the person who cosplayed as momo constructed the skirt herself.
-The pattern on the skirts were drawn out with fabric marker.
-The Vest was the one of the hardest things to find, but we found it online, and surprisingly; it was bought on a men clothing store. We altered it ourselves
-Besides the Vest, the shoes were hard to find as well, it took us about a few months to find the perfect pair. Also found online.
-My wig was bought on Ebay
-The T-shirt and Knee Highs were bought at Target.
-Saes Necklace was bought about 2 years ago from forever 21. Sae receives this necklace from Rio.


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Series Peach Girl
Character Sae Kashiwagi
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StarlitSmile What store did you get the vest from?

adiopersocom Hoho! Great Momo and Sae cosplay indeed. ;)

jwunders yay thank you han-pan! im glad you like it! i also have momos wig so i could be her, but im not that tan duh! ><!

han-pan Oh man, haha you two are AWESOME! Momo's wig is great, and you have Sae's attitude down right :P