Samus Aran

Super Smash Bros. Brawl



I'm calling this my very first completed costume!
I've never made a body suit before, so this could've been a lot worse. Samus was a lot of firsts for me, actually. Well first off, the fabric is a lycra polyester blend. The darker blue areas are done with spray fabric paint, the lighter blue is done with acryllic, and the designs are done with mostly puff paint and a little acryllic. I screwed up A LOT with the paint, so please, if anyone plans on using it (especially the spray stuff), be very careful! The lines are done with sharpie, and had me staring at references for minutes on end. The boots were given to me. They started out brown and I painted them the correct colors with more acryllic. The wig was from my Tsunade cosplay. I (very hesitantly) cut bangs into it. I am actually still working with the bangs to see if I can make them sweep to the side like they're supposed to.

...And on to the self-critique.
The fit of the suit was nice, but the arms really could've fit me better. All of the designs are too largely proportioned. The darker blues aren't in sync, and like I said earlier, I screwed up with the paint. But I wasn't ready to hurl it into the trash can or burn it, so it wasn't that bad! And I do look a little too thick in the waist to portray Samus. Maybe I can change that by the time it officially debuts.

Oh, and this was all handsewn, by the way.


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Series Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Character Samus Aran
Variant Zero Suit


ChozoBoy Hey, I'm trying to organize a Metroid cosplay group for a photoshoot at next year's Otakon. I'm bringing a group with three of my costumes and am inviting several cosplayers in the area to join in. Let me know if you're interested.

kiratsukai oh the hotness

vinchenzo better than mine...xellent!