Dragon Ball Z

@Ängël Ärwën


Videl é uma personagem muito divertida, e mihna favorita em DBZ!

Videl is funny, and my favorite in Dragon Ball Z


@Ängël Ärwën
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Series Dragon Ball Z
Character Videl


Sethos Thats a good cosplay! I'm doing a Videl cosplay for AnimeFest, I was wandering, did you make your own leg warmers or did you buy them from somewhere?

Tenucha You are quite beautiful and make for an awesome Videl!

Leonesaurus Great Videl cosplay! You look really beautiful! ^_^ The costume came out really good.

AsakuraYoh que bonitinha!!! adorei seu cosplay =333 BJUs

Yair23 Great cosplay .. ;) pig tail videl is my fav. ~_~